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    Your Story in Motion - Nothing tells your story quite like moving images, rich dynamic sound and visually enhancing text and graphics combining into one stimulating message that reaches the heart.


    Whether you just need a simple website brochure or a complex informational outlet, we can help you develop the internet services you need to reach the world.


    Stunning graphic design to tell your story and show others what you're doing.


    The last thing you need to worry about is equipment failure or inadequate systems that only compromise the message you've spent so long in creating. Let us take the load off your shoulders with our Event Production Services.

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Rave Reviews

  • We thank God for the partnership that we have had and are continuing to have with Harvest Media Ministries in the development of the Lord’s website called NeverThirsty. Jim Brumme has surrounded himself with an expert team of WordPress website developers. Jim is a great support and his team has extraordinary ability in the area of “look and feel” and technical skills to match. Harvest Media Ministries is a gift from God. We praise God for His blessing and for the privilege of serving Him with the website called NeverThirsty.

    John Calahan - NeverThirsty

  • Harvest Media has produced three top-quality, very professional video series for me. I could not be more pleased with the dedication of the staff and their heart to honor the Lord in their ministry. It is a blessing and a joy to work with them and to become friends in the process.

    Cynthia Heald

  • Roy Tulgren Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson

    "We have worked with Harvest Media for over 10 years. We have watched them grow in scope, support and quality. They do an outstanding job in every venue from events, to promotional DVDs, to web design and maintenance. The staff is responsible and professional. I highly recommend them without reservation."

    Roy Tulgren - Gospel Rescue Mission of Tucson

  • Cherie Gray Tucson Refugee Ministry

    Thank you for your HUGE investment in the Refugee Highway partnership N.A. Roundtable! It would have gone nowhere without you, and we are so thankful for every hour you put in. Thank you also for your support of TRM and other refugee outreach across the US. It means a lot to have a partner like Harvest Media!

    Cherie Gray - Executive Director of Tucson Refugee Ministry

  • John Wood

    The people at Harvest Media were a joy to work with. They listened to us and provided a video which spoke to the minds and hearts of all the people at our dinner. Most of all, they love Christ and his kingdom. We will definitely work together again in the future.

    John Wood - IndoPartners

  • Mike and Linda Buus

    For 15 years now we've been trying to get the message out, and as you all learned, it's a complicated message to convey, but I think, for the first time, we now have the tools to share the message with people, and because it is so, so, so well done, people are going to "get it!" The "well-kept" secret that DOOR wants to "bring God's Word and reproducing Christian fellowship to the Deaf of the world" is going to get out! And, I can also say with confidence, someday there are going to be a lot of Deaf people in heaven standing around telling others, "Yeah, these were the guys who helped us get the message out to the hearing world about the need to reach the Deaf. Without their help, we won't be here!"

    Mike & Linda Buus - Door International

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Whether you need video production for your ministry, graphic design for printed materials, event production assistance, or you need a professional website to display your message – Harvest Media Ministry can cover it all for you.

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