Harvest Media Ministry helps ministries tell their stories in compelling ways in order to advance God’s Kingdom.


Harvest Media Ministry helps ministries tell their stories in compelling ways in order to advance God’s Kingdom.

media_mission_collageOUR CORE VALUES

God Honoring: We are committed to keeping the Lord and what He is accomplishing around the world, as the central message of each media tool we develop.

Christ Centered: We are committed to reflecting Christ’s character by serving each and every client as equal in value and dignity before the Lord.

Spirit Led: We trust God to work in and through all we do for His greater good.

Excellence Based: We strive to maintain an attitude of professionalism and integrity that reflects esteem for our team members as more honorable than ourselves and concern for our clients as with the heart of God.

Our hope is that the media tools we produce will serve & encourage Christian Ministries, Missionary organizations and the Body of Christ.

We are a ministry team of communication professionals. Our experience in serving national and international ministries is broad. Our team is equipped to provide significant experience and knowledge to help you achieve your ministry goals.

Please visit our services Section for more information on our various services.

Meet our team

  • Rich Steele

    • Administrator
    • Creative Director

    Rich keeps our projects on track, directs the creative and design flow of every project and manages all of our live events and presentations.

  • Gary Roberts

    • Co-Founder
    • Technical Director
    • Videographer

    Gary is an expert cameraman and editor. He also is our resident technical guru. He designed, engineered and maintains our studio.

  • Jim Brumme

    • President

    Jim has been part of Harvest Media Ministry since 1996. He joined HMM as a volunteer member of the board of directors in 1995 while serving as the Missions/ Evangelism Pastor at Christ Community Church in Tucson, Arizona. Jim has served as a pastor in several churches for over 30 years.

  • Karen Córdova Flores

    • Project Manager
    • Videographer

    As project manager and videographer, Karen coordinates the many logistics involved in ongoing projects, as well as participates in video production as camera operator and video editor.

  • Sandi Haase

    • Bookkeeping

    Sandi joined the Harvest Media team in 2014. She comes to us with over 8 years bookkeeping experience. She recently completed her A.A. in accounting. She and her family are members of Calvary Chapel in Tucson.

  • Alvaro Portillo

    • Videographer

    Has been working in media for almost five years. Passionate about intercultural missions, film, music and motion graphics.

Our Story

Harvest Media Ministry was founded in 1996 as Video Ministries International. The vision of the founder, Ralph Roberts, was to bless mission organizations, missionaries and churches by producing videos with state of the art technology.

Since those original days, the ministry of HMM has expanded to include website development and management, a graphics art department, event production assistance and a recent venture into documentary film production.

Each of our team is a committed follower of Christ and a purpose-driven production professional dedicated to assist faith based ministries to tell their stories.


  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development
  • Event Production



To serve Freely: Everything we have: talents, gifts, resources, equipment, etc. all belong to God and are available to Him to be used according to His will to build His kingdom. We trust the Lord as our ultimate source and commit to keeping service primary, and money secondary, in our dealings with His servants.

To serve Professionally: We will serve with the utmost of professionalism in quality and integrity. We will always strive to keep on top of technology and technique so our ministry clients can be confident they are getting media tools that will represent them and the Lord well.

To serve Fully: We will serve each client as if they were our most valued client. We will go the extra mile to ensure the product is exactly what our ministry client needs to accomplish their goals. We are committed to serving our ministry partners on a long-term basis.

To serve Responsibility: We subscribe to the standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

To serve Inter-Denominationally: We will serve ministries of any denominational persuasion who operate according to the core beliefs as detailed in the ECFA Statement of Faith.

gary_media_with_kidsHow We Are Funded

Harvest Media Ministry is a media service provider for those who desire to fulfill the “Great Commission” as given in Matthew 28:18-20.

Being a non-profit 501(c3), we are able to serve Christian Ministry Organizations by offering state-of-the-art professional media production services, while providing a dramatic cost savings for effective promotional, fund raising and recruiting tools.


What Will It Cost?

That depends on the scope of the project and your ministry needs. We will work with any budget to provide the services you need to complete your mission.

After receiving and evaluating your project request form, we assess your organization’s media needs, challenges and impact for the “Great Commission”. If approved, we can offer you professional media production services at reduced rates for your organization.

Each organization is evaluated separately and we require you to partner with us in this investment of time, equipment, and resources.

Your Harvest Partnership Investment helps defray our production costs and represents your committment to the project, so we can provide you with the best professional media services we can. HMM also requires our partners to cover all travel, food and accommodations expenses for our production team while on site, and/or any hard costs for website production services.

OK…Ready to get started!

Please fill out the “Project Request Form” now to start the process to a successful partnership…reaching the Kingdom of Christ Today!